Free Astrology Software For KP Astrologers (Beta version)

KP New Astro

Free Astrology Software for KP Astrologers.

Features: Version 1.0.144beta (21 Jul. 2011)
  • Both natal and horary(1-249) charts can be generated
  • Cuspal and planetary positions using New KP Ayanamsha
  • House Lord, Star Lord, Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord for each position
  • Standard KP Chart
  • Ruling planets
  • Both Vedic and Western Aspects (Customizable orb)
  • Conventional Significators
  • Four step helper
  • Dasas up to 2 levels
  • Rotate kundali facility
  • Report generating facility (PDF, TEXT and RTF formats)
  • Planetary Positions and Planetary Transits calculator

    Currently this software is not tested properly. So DO NOT use this software Seriously. I am still testing this software on WinXP SP3. So please send me bugs and comment for further development of this software (

    Download :
    Download Instructions-:
    Click one of download link below. Then a new web page will appear. There will be a button named "Download Now" in that page and click that button. Then a new page will appear and you have to wait about 20seconds. (There is a count down box in that page). Then a link named "Download File Now" will appear after 20seconds and click on it to download.
    Alternative Download Links (MediaFire)
    If you have a run time error message while opening the software, then download and install VB6-SP6 (1MB)run time files.

    (To read the source code, install Visual Basic 6.0 on your computer.)

    Click hear for KP New Astro earlier versions.

    License :
    KP New Astro Software is a free software and release under GNU general public license (version2 or later).
    Copyright(C) 2009-2017 JSW